• Alex Scheuffs

    Alex Scheuffs

    A brash, young teen from Phillidelphia, and pilot of Unit-02. Not known to be tactically inclinced.
  • Arya


    A quiet and mysterious young girl from the "North". Pilot of Unit-03
  • Kelly


    A mysteriously cheerful girl from the "North" too, specifically Canada. Pilot of Unit-06.
  • Leah of Cherem

    Leah of Cherem

    A child-soldier of the Democratic Republic of Israel and Pilot of Unit-05
  • Rasia


    The new Operations Director, an Afghani, and the life partner of Dr. Faustus
  • Santos F. Nicholas "Nick"

    Santos F. Nicholas "Nick"

    The *FORMER* Operations-Director of NERV-Jerusalem and the handler for the Pilots. Very much alcoholic.Now on the Moon.
  • Yusuf Al-Mansur

    Yusuf Al-Mansur

    A young Iraqi teen from the Iraqi Wasteland, swept up into the battle for a world he never knew existed. Pilot of Unit-07.
  • Dr. Wilhelm Faustus

    Dr. Wilhelm Faustus

    The lead scientist of PROJECT SILVERFISH, the prototype VTOL Battleship, and honorary Vice Head of Science at NERV-Jerusalem. Life partners with Rasia.