Leah of Cherem

A child-soldier of the Democratic Republic of Israel and Pilot of Unit-05



Pilot Description

A Five-foot Four tall girl, Leah is fifteen years old and has firmly taken steps into puberty. She has brown hair that goes past her shoulders and down her back with light blonde highlights. Her eyes are piercing, light brown and yellow against her olive skin. Her nose shows evidence of being broken, despite having been snapped back into place. She is fit and lean, with most of her muscle in her legs rather than her arms. She wears a golden Star of David necklace despite her waning faith, and can often be found wearing mustard-yellow fatigues and dark gray undershirts. Her Plugsuit is matching with her Eva, black with gray lining and yellow stripes. She often wears military boots a size too big for her, meticulously shined every morning. She keeps her fatigues up with a cloth belt, and the long pants hide the little scars of shrapnel on her left leg. She is right handed. She tends to be a reserved combatant with an eye on her unit, but her personality is hardly reserved and somewhat aggressive. She is often abrasive without realizing it.

Pilot Backstory

Leah is a fifteen year-old neospartan, the product of many years of military training. She traces her family genealogy back to polish refugees from the Holocaust on her mother’s side, and her father was a native-born Israeli. In the aftermath of the Second Impact, her parents both enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force, where they met and married. She was originally one of two twins, the larger of the pair, but her brother was stillborn (She is unaware of her twin’s existence and demise). She spent her childhood in an army-sponsored Kibbutz, her parents visiting her every few months. However, during one of their visits the Kibbutz was mortared by Palestinian insurgents, and the blast killed her parents and left her scarred. Her unfortunate circumstances and the military training she received made her a prime candidate for the Israeli recruiters of NERV, and Leah was enlisted into the brutal Neo-Spartan program. Initially promised that she would be able to join the IDF afterwards, Leah continues to hold her grudge against the Palestinian people and the middle-eastern people.

Leah of Cherem

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