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Wilhelm/Rasia Interlude 2 (Feb 6)

Session 6 (Feb2)
Episode 6

Wilhelm and Rasia (Episode 5)
Hope you guys don't mind if I put this up, possible spoilers

Session 5.5/AdEvaLite 4 (Jan 16)
ADEVE LITE: "You have met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Session 5 (Jan 11, 12, 19)
Episode 5: "OPERATION LIQUID SUN, Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss"

Session 4.44/AdEvaLite 3 (Dec 7)
ADEVA LITE: WHERE'S THE IN-FLIGHT MOVIE? -Edited Log -Deleted Scene: Leah and Yusuf Talk It Out

Session 4.4/AdEvaLite 2 (Dec 4)

Session 4 (Dec 4, ?)
Episode 4: "From Russia, With Love"

Episode 4 PREVIEW

Your head feels heavy, your bones ache and someones trying to force your eyes ope- GODDAMN ITS BRIGHT SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SHINE A FLASHLIGHT IN YOUR GODDAMN EYES
[12/3/2012 6:01:59 PM] Leah: Leah tries to clench her eyes shut by reflex, reaching up to try and grab the wrist of whoever it is, eye watering at the blinding light.
[12/3/2012 6:04:13 PM] Dylan Carey: You hear a man yelp and the light moves away. “I guess she’s awake then,” says a female voice, “Let the bigwigs know.” The man mutters something and you hear the sound of his footsteps exiting the room. You’re still too weak to really move very much, even the reflex was tiring.
[12/3/2012 6:05:39 PM] Leah: Leah blinks and shifts, arms sluggishly trying to pull itself up to rub her eyes, “Who… who’s there?”
[12/3/2012 6:08:53 PM] Dylan Carey: “Dr. Williams. Now you should try and rest some more. You’ve been unconcious and unresponding for almost 36 hours. Would you like something to drink?”
[12/3/2012 6:10:19 PM] Leah: Leah blinks and closes her eyes instead of rubbing, her drying throat grating as she responds, “Please… Why was I…” She stops, exhausted.
[12/3/2012 6:14:19 PM] Dylan Carey: You feel a trickle of cool moisture down your throat. “I’m not privy to that level of information, but it seems you and your pilots were in some kind of accident. You all only suffered minor bruising and cuts, thank the Lord, but the rest are still in comas.”
[12/3/2012 6:16:19 PM | Edited 6:16:28 PM] Leah: Leah purses her lips and frowns a little, “I… I see. Accident… like, a car accident?” She shifts again, trying to open her eyes again, “Thank you for the drink…”
[12/3/2012 6:43:54 PM] Dylan Carey: Dr. Williams sighs. “Again, they wouldn’t tell us. Now get some rest, you need it.”
[12/3/2012 6:44:35 PM] Leah: Leah sighs and closes her eyes, trying to will herself back to sleep, “Yes Ma’am. How long until I can get up…?”
[12/3/2012 6:46:18 PM] Dylan Carey: Her cellphone begins beeping. “Hmm, looks like another is waking up. I’m needed. Just rest. You’ll be told when you are needed.” With that she walks out the door, leaving you alone in an empty white room, surrounded by beeping machines.
[12/3/2012 6:47:21 PM] Leah: Leah blinks, “Wait. Which…” She sighs, laying back, passing out again.

You awake to the warbling of machines, and the soft conversations of people trying to be quiet.

Your body HURTS
Your head HURTS
The last thing you remember is the rising pressure inside the Plug and the flashing red error signs…
[3:16:08 PM] Yusuf: “Uh….”
[3:16:14 PM] Yusuf: “What…What happened…?”
[3:16:34 PM] Yusuf: Yusuf clutches his head, slowly forcing his eyes to open.
[3:19:25 PM] Dylan Carey: You are in a room with a white, tiled ceiling and long flourescent lights. Its almost too much for your eyes, as they tear up until a shadow passes over you and you see the blurry face of a young woman in a white lab coat.

“My name is Dr. Williams, I am the resident neurologist with NERV-Jerusalem Hospital. You and the other pilots were in a bad accident, and you have been in a coma for the past 36 hours.”
[3:20:11 PM] Yusuf: “…T…Thirty-six hours!?”
[3:20:17 PM] Yusuf: Yusuf immediately attempts to sit up in bed.
[3:20:22 PM] Yusuf: “Is everyone else alright!?”
[3:22:47 PM] Dylan Carey: A dull pain wracks your body, especially in your chest and legs.

“Lay back down, you’ve had exstensive bruising all over your body, and you may have cracked a rib. The other pilots are waking up too. Pilot Leah was the first. Would you like some water?”
[3:23:02 PM] Yusuf: “Y…Yes, please…What happened…?”
[3:23:12 PM] Yusuf: Yusuf sits back down, wheezing slightly in response to this rib.
[3:24:42 PM] Dylan Carey: “Thats.. the problem. We don’t know what happened. But the good thing is that you are safe now.”
[3:24:52 PM] Yusuf: “Is…Kelly alright…?”
[3:25:20 PM | Edited 3:28:27 PM] Yusuf: “Don’t know…? Inshallah…I hope that doesn’t happen again. If a Mala’Ikhtar attacked us while we were out…”
[3:28:17 PM] Dylan Carey: “Only you and Leah have woken up, but the other two Pilots are finally responding to stimuli.”

She pauses again after your second statement.

“In an hour you will be meeting with Director Nick about certain events. Thats all I am allowed to tell you… Now, get some rest. You’ll need it.”
[3:28:48 PM] Yusuf: “Alright…”
[3:29:11 PM] Yusuf: Yusuf sighs, leaning his head back and attempting to calm his mind. He hoped Kelly (and Arya) were alright.
[3:30:45 PM] Dylan Carey: She spends a minute fiddling with your IV’s and then leaves, dimming the lights. You feel sleep overtake you in seconds.


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